All You Need To Know About The Last Legion Part 2

All You Need To Know About The Last Legion Part 2


Unfortunately, once the novel is completed and you sit back to think about it, the amount of sex that was put into the work seemed a bit much, and a little too detailed at times. Although some romance between the men and women of a military unit is expected, to cover it as much as you covered the combat situation is somewhat questionable.

The ‘R’ rating notwithstanding, the way the author told the story by giving the reader details slowly and building up to a concept was excellent. For example, you learn about the lower class on the planet called the ‘Raum. Then you learn that they are not happy, followed by examples of their civil unrest, and ending with a full rebellion. You end up with a full understanding of what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

As the novel ends, you can appreciate the way that the characters felt and might even empathize with several of them as they feel the loss of their friends and family.

Overall, if it wasn’t for the heavy sexual content, this book would have been a ‘Must Read’ to all of our readers. As it is though, it is for mature, adult audiences only.



The characters and their personalities are well-covered, giving the reader a sense of who they are, and an idea of what they might be capable of.

More importantly, though, is the way the author filled in the background information on the conflict on the planet between the rebels, the aliens, the nearby systems, and the Force. You are given insight into how each of the players within the novel came to the storyline, and what each has to offer.

For a reader that may not be accustomed to how the inner workings of military command unit are handled, the way the author describes it is simple, yet knowledgeable. He gives you the details in small doses, each time allowing you to see how it works before expanding it more.

The storyline action moves at a moderate pace between the faster-paced battle sequences, and there are only rare times when something isn’t keeping you occupied as you follow the different players.

Although the author does jump between the different players quite a bit, it actually works within this novel because it seems to the reader that it is only a scene change like you are watching a movie.


Strong sexual content. The author chose to go into explicit detail on the several sexual encounters by the main characters. The first one on board the transport ship was pretty mild and nonspecific, like it was intended to desensitize you to what is coming. After that interlude, the sex scenes are nearly as action-packed and fast-moving as the battle sequences.

When the novel ends, several questions are left unanswered, leading the reader to believe that there might be a sequel. We were unable to turn one up; therefore we have to conclude that the author may not have had the time to tie up those loose ends. Some of the questions remaining: “What caused the communication blackout?”, “Did the aliens come back and attack?”, and another, “Did the Protectorate step in and take over D-Cumbre?”

Too many questions were left unanswered. A sequel really is needed to clean up the different storylines and subplots.


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