Book Review About Crossfire Part 1

Book Review About Crossfire Part 1


Title: Crossfire

Author: Nancy Kress

Publish Date: 2003

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Armed Conflict, Space Travel, Aliens, Spaceships, Alien Worlds, Romance, Genetics, Advanced Technology, Lasers, Communications, Relativity, Chemistry, Biology


Plot Summary:

Earth: Dreadfully overpopulated and plagued by conflict. Jake Holman has a plan. He created a corporation dedicated to transporting those who could afford to fund their way, away from Earth and to a newly discovered, habitable world named Greentrees.

With a whole world to colonize the corporate members followed the terms of their contracts to establish a main city, even as one splinter group treks out on their own as their Native American ancestors had, back in the old America days.

But the colonists are not alone on the planet. Several groups of aliens are located, and one of them is hostile. What follows next is a bloody battle in which it seems as though these aliens are not native to the planet, but may have been brought there by a different race altogether.

And then an alien spaceship arrives and the colonists have to make a decision: fight them off, or take their chances with peace. The decision becomes easier when a brilliant explosion lights up the sky where their ship was in orbit. As an alien shuttle approaches the ground, another decision has to be made. Try for peace, or attack to preserve their lives.



Jake Holman wanted to leave Earth – overpopulated, war-torn, and bitter planet that it was. He partnered up with Gail Cutler to form Mira Corporation, dedicated to escaping Earth and traveling to a newly discovered planet named Greentrees, with six thousand settlers that had helped fund the project, each with a contract describing their obligations and for how long they had to keep them.

When their ship, the Ariel, arrives at Greentrees, the colonists move to the planet and build a city leaving the bulk of the Ariel in orbit as a way to communicate back to Earth, and receive messages from there.

Several groups of sentient aliens are soon discovered and it is determined by the scientists on the team that they are not native to Greentrees. It is also determined that they are not capable of the technology required for space travel since they only have thatched hut and cook fires. Someone, or something else, must have brought them from their home world to Greentrees. Not long after that determination, a spaceship arrives in orbit and the colonists have to decide how to deal with them. But when the Ariel explodes in orbit, it appears that the decision has been made.

The aliens land, are met by the colonists, and hold a meeting. As they learn about each other, the colonists find out that these new aliens are at war with the low-tech aliens already on the planet. The war has been going on for thousands of years.

The colonists are confused, but when a second alien ship enters orbit, and another shuttle of aliens lands on the planet, all confusion immediately clears up. This second shuttle is piloted by very technology-smart relatives of the backward aliens living in the thatched huts.

Jack stares at what appears to be the leader of these new aliens and asks him plainly “What are you? Why are you with our enemy? Did you create… these blasphemies?” Jack knew instinctively that the alien was referring to the primitive relatives in the small village behind him. Right before the new alien utterly obliterated them.


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