Book Review Captain – Dirigent Mercenary Corps Part 1

Book Review Captain – Dirigent Mercenary Corps Part 1

Title: Captain – Dirigent Mercenary Corps – Book 3

Author: Rick Shelley

Publish Date: 1999

Publisher: Ace Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Armed Conflict, Advanced Weapons, Advanced Medical, Advanced Technology, Romance, Alien Worlds, Nanites, Military Life, Strategy, Space Travel, Spaceships

Plot Summary:

Lieutenant Lon Nolan is in command of the 3rd and 4th platoons of Alpha Company, 7th Regiment, and 2nd Battalion of the Dirigent Mercenary Corps (DMC). He’s only been in the Corps for three years and its deep-rooted tradition that junior officers do not get married; Lon is fine with that.

He was sent with his men to the DMC proving grounds to test new battlefield supply delivery equipment. It would only take about a week. During a break in the testing, Lon goes to the local town and crosses paths with Sara Pine, the tavern owner’s daughter. He is smitten immediately.

Wanting to push their relationship further, they make plans to marry as soon as they possibly can. But, before formal approval comes through for him to marry, a new contract is assigned that takes him to a planet where the DMC is in the middle of a battle between two colonies that both want the same new areas to expand their growing populations into.

Before long it is learned that Lon’s men are trapped between the two forces and it is possible that they will be overrun soon. And all Lon can do is think about Sara while he waits for the two forces to close in on his position.


Lon Nolan was born and raised on Earth. He had always wanted to be in Earth’s Military as he grew up, but was washed out by the Academy’s Commandant to save him from being drafted into the Planetary Police Force.

He went to Dirigent, home of the largest mercenary force in the human-populated reaches of the galaxy, and has risen to the rank of Lieutenant after proving himself in combat.

He gets a new assignment to take his men for an exercise designed to test some new equipment that has been developed to resupply troops while they are under fire and need those supplies. The tests take a week and during the lulls between the tests, Lon goes into the local town and meets his match in a fiery red-headed daughter of the only tavern-owner in town. He falls madly in love with her as hard as she falls for him.

Now the plans are in the works for a wedding. But, before it can happen, Lon is ordered out into action to a planet far away to keep the peace between two colonies on the planet that both have expanded so much that they now want to move into the same area and allow their own people to settle there. Peace or not, the DMC was hired by the Western colony who claimed they were being attacked.

Not long after arriving, it is determined that something is terribly fishy there. The Easterners appear to have already been settled in the disputed area for years, not just recently as the Westerners had claimed.

Lon and the DMC are stuck now at the outskirts of a small village where the local Eastern colonists are defending themselves.

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