Book Review Lieutenant – Dirigent Mercenary Corps Part 1

Book Review Lieutenant – Dirigent Mercenary Corps Part 1

Title: Lieutenant – Dirigent Mercenary Corps – Book 2

Author: Rick Shelley

Publish Date: 1998

Publisher: Ace Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Space Travel, Nanites, Nanobots, Mercenaries, Regeneration, Spacecraft, Advanced Medical, Advanced Technology, Armed Conflict, Advanced Weapons


Plot Summary:

Lieutenant Lon Nolan had completed the requirements to earn his officer’s pips. Now it is time for him to learn how to take responsibility for command and earn his worth and confidence in battle.

He commands two DMC platoons of Alpha Company, part of the 7th Regiment, sent to stop an invasion of the planet Calypso from another planet in their solar system. The invaders won’t be like the soldiers he fought against as an Officer Cadet; these will be trained, with their own electronic gear, and will outnumber the DMC Soldiers. Fighting within a city is deadly, and when only Nolan’s platoons stand in the way of several companies of invading troops, he has a decision to make: fight them, or hide and wait for a safer way to deal with them. The only problem was that they were surrounding his position. Now was the time for him to make his command decision, all on his own because of an ordered radio silence. He may make that decision quickly.


Lieutenant Lon Nolan finished the last requirement to earn his Lieutenant’s pips by participating in an armed conflict as an Officer Cadet. Now he was in charge of the same platoon that he had served in during that prior conflict. He knew the men; he trusted them and that made him a little more at ease with his new responsibilities of command.

Having just returned from a training assignment, Nolan’s entire Regiment was called back to duty on a new contract that was scheduled to last six months. The new job was to prevent or repel an invasion of a planet named Calypso from its neighboring planet.

The invaders had high-tech weapons and electronic gear, so the combatants should be pretty much equal, except that the invading force also outnumbered the defending planet’s militia and the Dirigenters forces combined. The only advantage that the defenders would have is that they would have the highly trained Dirigenters fighting alongside the DMC trained Calypsian military units. That was expected to be enough.

But if it isn’t, reinforcements are almost twenty days away. Once a second wave of invaders is detected heading towards Calypso, it seems that there will be no hope to protect the planet and prevent its capture. Lieutenant Nolan’s orders were to ‘Hold & Defend’.


This is the second in the DMC series that the Author has penned, and like the first one, I found it difficult to maintain that this was a book in the Science Fiction genre.


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