Book Review Lieutenant – Dirigent Mercenary Corps Part 2

Book Review Lieutenant – Dirigent Mercenary Corps Part 2

Yes, there were references to Spacecraft, space jumps, and different planetary systems, but they were almost casual ones, as the author seemed to stress the combat situations and the characters as a planet-based storyline which read like a war novel with just enough Science Fiction thrown in to call it a Sci-Fi novel.

Don’t get me wrong, the action was good and the storyline moves right along to keep you interested, if you like war novels. Once you get past that and you accept the book as an action story, the detailed movements and engagements between forces were believable and well-written. Written from the point of view of Lt. Nolan, this novel covers his experiences during a short training mission shortly after he received his pips, a night out with his three friends before a big contract begins, and then about twenty days with him as part of a force defending a planet from being overrun in an invasion.


The storyline progresses evenly and fast enough to keep your attention as different situations occur that the main character, Lon Nolan, has to work through.

There are many battle sequences portrayed in the novel and the descriptions of the surroundings and the participants are so vivid that you feel drawn into the conflict yourself.

Although wars are horrid and ghastly, the author refrains from going into any grisly descriptions of any of the wounded or dead as a result of the fighting. Rather, the author chose to comment matter-of-factly about injuries or trauma injuries on the battlefields and hospital areas.


The novel is a war novel with just enough Sci-Fi elements to call it Sci-Fi. But those same elements are not enough to remind you that it is not a war/action novel. The genre here is not clean-cut by any means.

When I finished the last page of the book, I was left wondering about what had happened to Lon’s buddy Janno during the battles. Did he get wounded or killed? Did he make it back for his wedding? The author made a big deal out of the marriage by dedicating many pages to its importance to Janno and his fiancé’. Special significance was added to it since it would have to be postponed yet longer because he had to ship right back out on a new contract soon.

This was just one question out of several that were left unanswered as the last page of the novel was turned.

The biggest disappointment of the novel was the relentless attacks of the invading forces regardless of what losses were being inflicted upon them by the defenders so that they could continue on and go after the Governmental buildings of Calypso. Although the author had the DMC members guessing as to the reason, it was never cleared up and is even now a great mystery.


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