Don’t Miss: All on the Same Page Bookstore!

Don’t Miss: All on the Same Page Bookstore!

Dear readers, I am glad to write my essay today about the All on the Same Page Bookstore in Creve Coeur, MO.

All of the shelves on the left side were hand made by Robin’s husband.

Near the back left corner, I smiled and pointed out the Non-Fiction sign to my friend who was with me. Both having bookstore backgrounds, one of our pet peeve questions was always, “Where is your non-fiction section?” To which I usually replied, “Do you see Fiction over there? The rest of the store!” Well guess what, folks, for all of those looking for the Non-Fiction section, AOTSP has you covered!

There was Religion and Spirituality next to this before breaking to the right side of the store. In the back right corner was a nice tight Harlequin Romance section where all books were again, just $1 each. Going up this right side, there’s quite a bit more Romance to pick from which then turns into Self-Help and Reference.

Those middle quads that I mentioned are devoted to New Releases near the front of the store, Nonfiction Reference in the middle, and Horror in the back. A pair of comfy reading chairs anchor the middle of the store and I spotted another vintage chair in the back, so the store definitely has a “my bookstore” feel to it that is both warm and inviting with its rich green walls and dark stained shelves.

All of the stock consisted of used books except for a small New Release section in the first quad in the middle. Robin’s husband met us near the back, greeting us with a tray full of sweet appetizers, and gave us a break down of the pricing. As I’ve already pointed out, all kids’ books and Harlequin were just $1 each. All used hardcovers were $8.00 each or 2 for $10. All paperbacks were $3.00 each or 4 for $10. Wow! Can’t beat those prices. The store will also take trade-ins for store credit, giving you 10% based on their pricing structure – 30 cents for each paperback you bring in and .80 cents for each hardcover.

We also talked a bit about the odd guidelines for businesses that the city of Creve Coeur dishes out. There’s no sign above the store at the moment, and the city prevents them unless you go before the board to request permission to install a sign. And requesting permission will cost you $300 up front. But that didn’t keep the store from pushing forward and opening, even with the store still being inspected just 3 days ago with not a single book on the shelf yet.

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